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Waiting in line for hours to vote? Tummies grumblin? Pizza to the Polls is here to help. Send us reports of long lines and we'll send in the delicious reinforcements.

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    Report a long line

    We need you to help us identify long polling lines full of hungry voters. Use this form to share a link to any tweets or instagrams that include evidence of the long lines and let us know where the polling place is.

    COVID-19: We're going to be extra careful not to be a disease vector as the country and planet start opening back up after the pandemic - so we might not be quite as responsive to make sure no voters or delivery folks are put at risk.

    Required: We'll make sure there's really a line.
    Required: Search by the name of the place ("St. John's Library") or street address.

    Optional: So we can follow up when the pizza is inbound