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Pizza to the Polls is a totally volunteer powered organization - it can’t work without folks giving their time to help others make their voice heard. There are a couple of different ways to get involved:

The Local

Are you awesome and want to help make sure voters in your community are taken care of this election season? We’d love to work with you! Get in touch with what area you’d like to cover and we can work with you to make sure pizza places are ready on election day to provide hot pie for voters.

Sign up here to connect with us about helping provide pizza on election day.

The Remote

Can’t be there in person? Or maybe you live in one of those vote-by-mail states. You can still help! Join us virtually with other volunteers across the country as we watch social media and respond to incoming pizza requests. Help weed through all the tweets and posts to pick out which ones are legit and where we can help.

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