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Non-Election Pizzas

We sometimes sends pizzas to help out folks who aren’t participating in elections and have supported protests, rallies, strikes, and teach-outs with pizzas and donations.

We evaluate every request on a case-by-case basis using the following criteria:

  1. Is your request specific We need an address, time, and a phone number of someone who will be there to receive the pizzas.

  2. Are you the organizer of the event or can you connect us with them? We don’t want to disrupt someones hard work by sending a bunch of unexpected pizzas.

  3. Are folks coming together to have their voice heard? We tend to support folks engaged in civic expression (like a rally or protest), or standing up for their rights (like a strike), or doing something civicly minded (like registering voters or helping count ballots).

    We’re less inclined to send pizzas to folks at work (like reporters staking out a courthouse). But if you’ve answered questions #1 and #2 it doesn’t hurt to ask.

  4. Non-partisan? We can’t help folks promoting a candidate or political party. This isn’t the same as folks organizing against or for a politician or their policy, as long as it’s not about voting for/against them or for/against their opponent.

  5. Non-violent? 🍕only pairs with peaceful assembly ☮️✌️🕊.

To get in touch DM or @-us @pizzatothepolls or email or text.