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📬 Democracy Delivered

Nobody should have to choose between their health and their ability to cast a ballot. With the rapidly shifting landscape and election rules changing to address COVID-19, voters will need help to register to vote or vote-by-mail ballot.

You can get a pizza delivered - why not an absentee ballot request or voter registration forms?

What We’re Doing to Help

  • Team Up with Tech Partner TurboVote: That can simply and easily take a voter’s address information and opt them into receiving either a voter registration application or absentee ballot request form via the mail.

  • Partner with Food and Delivery Businesses: We’ll work with food and delivery partners to embed the technology partner’s tool in their check-out flow so more folks can get registered to vote and sign up to receive their absentee ballot request form in the mail. Are you interested in helping deliver for your customers - get in touch.

  • Provide the Stamps: No one owns a printer and anyone under forty is rightly terrified of stamps. But never fear, we’re here to help by subsidizing the return postage for absentee ballot requests and voter registration postage.